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Race Results

Putney Prospect Freestyle BKL Sprints 1/14/24

Thanks to all of the racers and volunteers for a great day of racing.
Somehow, after all of that chaos, we have actual results! First the qualifiers. Note: it is customary to not show times for grade1/2 racers. Because of the race format, even if I deleted the times for those racers, you’d be able to interpolate times for some. So for this race, the grownups get to see times, and the kids get to know they all did a great job. Cool?

And the heats:

Putney Ski Race 2/5/23

What an amazing day of racing! Thanks to all who came!
We have Results!
Also, check out the gallery of photos by the amazing Justin Altman. I asked him not to go too crazy to reduce the amount of editing, so there aren’t pictures of everyone who raced. But there are some really good ones!

For the results below, they link through to tables where you can sort by gender and copy/paste (except for the Lollipops)