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Annual Ski Skate Sale

2023 Ski Skate Sale:

Sunday October 29, 9am-11am @ West Hill Shop
Drop off times:
9am-2pm Friday, October 27 @WHS
9:30am -noon Saturday, October 28 @WHS

Ski skate sale poster (share the love!)

More info

Every Fall, the ski club holds a sale for used ski and snow-sports equipment.

This will be a consignment sale. Drop off times will be posted. When dropping off your equipment, you should provide your name and address. Please mark the items with a desired sale price if you want or a volunteer will price them. You should also share what percentage of the sale price that you would like to keep between 0% (donating goods) and 80%. All proceeds from the sale will directly benefit the ski club. You can pick up your unsold merchandise in the hour after the sale ends, and the club will send out checks or other payment for your sold goods. 

This is a great opportunity to pass on items that you no longer need (and get some money to buy new skis!) so don your headlamps, dust masks and other appropriate PPE, grab a ski pole for protection, and venture into the spooky storage spaces where ski equipment spends the summer. Exercise your tidying impulses and exorcize your unwanted gear!