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Prospect Racing this weekend!

Here is the schedule. All races will be mass start – boys followed by girls. 
10:00 am Lollipoppers (short race for kindergarten and pre-k)
10:10 am grades 1&2 (about 1 kilometer)
10:30 am grades 3&4 (about 2k)10:50 am grades 5&6 (about 3k)
11:15 am grades 7&8 (about 4k)

Cost of entry is $10 per racer. The races will all be freestyle – usually skate-skiing and there won’t be any tracks set so classic will be more challenging.

Here is how to sign up and get your skis prepared:
– Email me by this evening (Friday) if you are planning to come or are interested in coming – I will send out updates on signups etc. to those wha are interested. All participants are welcome to race (you don’t have to be in the Thursday group!). 
– If you are in the Thursday group, drop off your skis at Mark’s house (41 Watt Pond Rd in Putney) on Saturday for waxing. If you can’t manage that (or aren’t in the Thursday group), come to Prospect a bit extra early on Sunday. 
– Please arrive at least 45 mins prior to your race time so you can collect your skis, warm up and ski or survey the course. 

I will bring our PSC race suits to the race if you’d like to rent one for the season ($25 rental fee, $100 if you don’t return it). And I’ll have cow bells for the cheering section!If you want to ski at Prospect (other than racing and warmups) you’ll need to purchase a day-pass. The lower trails were in excellent shape today – just enough nice powder snow to cover and lovely skiing!

The Lodge is open but they are asking that you use it as sparingly as possible. In normal times, the Prospect lodge is a place of relaxation, long conversation, sitting by the woodstove while eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa. However with the covid numbers the way they are, they ask that you use it as efficiently as possible and when necessary. There are portable toilets on site so there shouldn’t be any reason you will need to go inside if you don’t want to.

Forecast right now for Prospect on Sunday is for temps starting the day just below 0ºF and climbing to the high-teens. Be prepared for standing around outside in the cold, and make sure you have ample layer options for racers.

And (obviously) if you are not feeling well or are recovering from covid please sit this one out.

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